Here are my own files:
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update build 16299.248 x64 PRO FRENCH (you can add languages in settings)
My windows 10 iso debloater, to create your own iso!
Sadly (or not), this debloater will break Edge browser, use firefox, chrome or internet explorer instead, but store is working well.

Lien Description
Windows 10 fall creators update build 16299.248 Windows 10 1709 (09/2017) (professionnal, x64, french) unbloated & updated, store is working but edge not, use another browser
WIN10_ISO_DEBLOATER.exe Small unbloat script for Windows 10 iso
Windows 10 cleaner Small script to uninstall apps, stop telemetry and auto app downloading
black aero mouse cursors Script pour installer les curseurs noirs ou remettre les blancs
kit notepad++ 7.5.1 autoinstaller My own pack with nsis, reshack, icones extractor…
kit notepad++ 7.5.1 My own pack with nsis, reshack, icones extractor…
29 janvier 2018